Realising you’ve spent a chunk of your working life prioritising the wrong stuff is a little sobering.

I’ve spent my entire working life in a technical job, and chose my employers carefully so I could keep having a technical role whilst earning more money. Along the way, I gradually picked up work-life skills other than technical ones, but this was primarily by trial and error. It took me a long time to realise that technical skills are necessary in a technical job, but not sufficient in order to be successful. I had a big “aha” moment about 10 years ago when a project manager I worked with suggested that as I wasn’t very good at running workshops, I should be like the “wise mekon” in the corner, to be consulted when someone had a Big Problem, the implication being that otherwise it would be far better if I didn’t bother anybody.

This set me on a journey where Ilearned that all these other “soft” skills I’d ignored were simply technical skills I’d not yet taken the time to master. When I started deliberately broadening my skills I found that not only did professional recognition come more easily, but I actually enjoyed it. Since then, I’ve been gradually assembling the piece parts that it takes to be more than “just” a techie – you’ll find them on this site with the hope that you will rapidly be able to get more of the recognition you deserve.

All my best to you!

Patrick Willis